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Part 3: Flight by Hawkear
Part 3: Flight
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Black speech bubbles indicate sign language and I would like to personally apologize to anyone who actually uses it ;n;

Raph had a rough time of it after Paxsn and Xath left. Xaldra saved him and helped him rebuild. Already best friends, he became utterly dependent on her. Or perhaps they became dependent on each other, as he was the only person who knew sign language and could make communicating easier for her. She is the only person he will willing allow to touch him. He uses her as a vague sort of therapy for the way he physically isolates himself.

The injury to his ear also affected his sense of balance. Even after he left the wheelchair, he was stumbling around like a drunk for a good few months. He took to carrying a liquor bottle with him so people thought he was inebriated rather than impaired. He's better now.

Raph's an alien. Whatever he used to be, they didn't have kissing, so the experience of a familiar peck is entirely new to him.

36 is how old he was when he left the Organization and sought out the Rogues. Two years have since elapsed, and the poor geezer is 38 when Paxsn and Xathalas return.

He wears that scarf everywhere now. Not necessarily on his neck, but at least on his person. The mark on his neck has since disappeared. He has full hearing in his left ear, though the right is damaged beyond repair. And he can walk in a straight line now! He does have the occasional bad day where he stumbles around, but nothing too bad.

Xaldra | :iconlaudylau:
Xelege | :iconminiyuna:
Jixsei | :iconrikarai:
Xyliem | :iconchokutsuki:
Nyxim | :iconinfected-ellis:



AND IT'S DONE. *flops*

Part 2: Sabotage by Hawkear
Part 2: Sabotage
[ Part 1:… 
Part 3:… 

It never became clear exactly who tampered with his cannon. A weapon is a part of its wielder - and it takes a hell of a lot of power to mess with something like that without the owner's knowing.

Raph and Xaldra are about as close as close can be. She is his best friend and has gripped him tight and raised him from perdition more than a few times. She is mute, and the two often communicate by sign language.

Raph will pass the next few months in silence as the injury heals. He got off lucky as it is - he managed to throw the cannon at the last moment and avoid worse - but he can't hear and he can barely walk, his sense of balance being damaged as well.

Xelege | :iconminiyuna:
Xaldra | :iconlaudylau:

All things KH belong to Squeenix

aaaannnnnd still another page to go... *faceplants*


Part 1: Treason by Hawkear
Part 1: Treason
Part 1:

Paxsn went insane a while ago and was ordered to sever ties with his past, permanently. However, carrying out a mission when you're crazy is kind of hard. He thought he had killed his family - instead he had killed the neighbours. Once he found out they were still alive, he fled the Organization, fearing the consequences - and further innocent blood shed.

There is a three year gap between Pax and Xath leaving Infinitus and showing up on the Rogues' doorstep. In that timeline, Raph came to the Rogues about two years before their arrival, under the impression that they were dead. Perhaps Xelege thought otherwise.

Raph's not going to be happy when they pop up again.

He accumulated a lot of issues whilst being poisoned by the Organization, not least of which centred on his appearance because of a change in species when he lost his heart. Joining the Rogues, he was able to leave most of that baggage behind and improve himself.

[ Part 2:… 
Part 3:… 

Paxsn, Amelia, and Vincent | :iconspaniel122: I'msosorryIruinedthem D;
Xathalas | :iconlaudylau:
Xelege | :iconminiyuna:


Frying pans are no good against a hard Scottish skull!

And there are still two more pages to go *flops*
RoA: The Extraterrestrial Epidemic by Hawkear
RoA: The Extraterrestrial Epidemic

Name: Raphexim
Somebody: Captain Ephraim Spall
Proof of Existence: The Extraterrestrial Epidemic
World: The Etherium (Treasure Planet)
Element: Fungus
Weapon: Anchor
Age: 38
Height: 6'2"
Status: Considers himself married, but appreciative of all sides and edges of the coin

Element Use:
- Raph causes mould-like fungi to grow at the joints of his enemies, hampering movement and making targets easier to hit. This happens quickly and lasts briefly, and does almost no damage by itself.
- He can grow mushrooms from most surfaces to use as a barrier or a shield, but these are soft and are usually broken through after only a few hits.
- He can produce bioluminescent fungi that either produce light in the darkness, or grow out of an invisible enemy and make it bright and easily visible.
- Raph's most popular use of the element is to infect his enemies with a fungus that eventually takes control of their bodies (similar to cordyceps) and suppresses them into a zombie-like stupor that slowly saps their strength until they expire. It takes some time for this to take effect. Of course, hitting them a few times with a heavy iron anchor might speed up the process. He can exhale the spores in close proximity, and use his weapon as an infector from a distance.
- As a final move, Raph can produce hallucinogenic mushrooms to immediately send his enemies on a 'trip' that utterly incapacitates them and leaves them open for attack. The enemy must ingest the mushroom, so using this technique risks close combat and higher damage; it is a last resort.

Weapon Use:
- Raph can swing and throw his anchor with decent force and take out enemies at long distances
- He can use the anchor like a grappling hook and pull items and enemies closer to him
- He can use the flukes and rope in close proximity to do substantial damage
- He can stop a ship.

To us, Ephraim was an alien: something doglike, yet not unlike a person, coming from a planet in the far reaches of the Etherium. His first focus in life was his family - a wife, a daughter, and a young son. His second focus was his job - a Captain in the Interstellar Navy and a noted pirate hunter. In pursuit of enemies - and with a dark ambition for promotion - he succumbed to the forces of a black hole, which later turned out to be a Heartless. He awoke with a human face, an empty chest, and a single desire - to return to his family. They were now his everything. In pursuit of a heart with which to restore himself, he joined the Organization, naively believing they would help him. But the Organization began to question his loyalties. To him, being loyal to his family guaranteed his loyalty to the Organization, as that meant he would stop at nothing to get his heart back. The Organization did not feel the same. Now believing them a threat to his family, he has come to the Rogues in the hopes of thwarting the Organization and protecting his family - and other innocents - from their reach.

Personal Trivia:
- After everything he believed in turned on its head, he has become quite withdrawn and very distrusting. Around friends he is affable and talkative and rather a gentleman, but if he does not know you - or does not like you - don't expect much in the way of conversation beyond a grunt or a growl. Even if he's not so companionable, he is a sweetheart at his core, and will seek out company even if he doesn't plan to interact. He shows his affection with subtle gestures like offerings of tea, remembering favourite foods, or even things as simple as blocking the sun for a shorter person. A few drinks might loosen those lips, at which point it becomes VERY apparent that he is inescapably and incoherently Scottish. Good luck understanding him even when he does open his mouth.
- He was created with a fungal infection that he could never cure, but which fuels his elemental use. He must constantly fight it, and some days it makes him ill. On a regular day, the worst it does is make his eyes glow - because of this, he cannot see very well in the dark. On his last legs, the fungus takes control of his body and removes the threat before healing the worst of the damage.
- He does NOT like being touched! Only do so if necessary, and apologize in advance! He hates it and he will get growly at you.
- The peach scarf was given to him by someone very important to him. He is always wearing it somewhere, or at least has it in a pocket.
- He is not above wearing a little eyeshadow or eyeliner once in a blue moon.
- He is completely deaf in his right ear.
- His nose can out-perform a bloodhound.
- He cannot swim.
- He can play tin whistle and bagpipes; can also sing, but doesn't think he can
- He is fluent in sign language and Gaelic

- Baking (warning, every dish contains fungi)
- Scotch, rum
- Tea
- Dancing (ballroom, of course)
- Trees (he's never seen them before)
- Elderberry-flavoured ANYTHING
- Frilly underwear
- Space
- Children
- Drunk belly rubs

- Touching / physical contact / physical closeness
- Mirrors
- Being photographed
- Pork or other pig products (His lessers are piggies!)
- The Organization!
- Dog jokes
- People talking on his deaf side
- People shouting on his good side


Submission for RoA :iconroguesofaxiom:


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I know, I know, I'm a little late jumping on the fangirl boat. But that doesn't matter, because I can't stop thinking about RENOOOO!!!

Not to say my love for pirates has in any way diminished--hell, Reno practically is a pirate as it is--but I know I haven't been paying dear James as much attention as I should. So, to make up for it, I'm writing a fanfiction with Reno as an amnesiac and James as the unwilling rescue party. It's a little deeper then that--not in a yaoi way--but I'm too lazy to give out spoilers, so if you're interested, you'll just have to wait until I put the story up somewhere. b^-^d

Well, that about sums it up.

Maybe I should start a comic about him. -sigh-

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